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seiko spt-1020  35pl printhead.1
seiko spt-1020  35pl printhead.2
seiko spt-1020  35pl printhead.3
seiko spt-1020  35pl printhead.4
seiko spt-1020  35pl printhead.5

Seiko SPT-1020 / 35PL Printhead

Rating: 4/5
USD 500.00


Seiko SPT1020/35PL Printhead
To be used with:
Icontek TW-3306FD, Icontek TW-3308FD, Icontek TW-1800F3, Icontek TW-2500F3, Icontek TW-3306FZ, Icontek TW-3308FZ, Icontek M5, Icontek M7, SID XC II, Crstaljet CJ-FB2506UV, Crstaljet S6306SPT1020_35PL, Crstaljet F6308SPT1020_35PL, Infiniti FY-3266K, Infiniti FY-3266H, Infiniti FY-3266J, Infiniti FY-3266R, Phoaeton UD-3266E, Phoaeton UD-3266G,
Remarks: Original