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spectra galaxy ph 256-80 aaa printhead

Spectra Galaxy PH 256/80 AAA Printhead

Rating: 5/5
USD 809.00


The Spectra Galaxy PH 256/80 AAA Printhead is an 80pL ink jet printhead offering complete fluid support and signal processing capabilities for a wide range of jetting fluids.


  • 80 picoliter calibrated drop size
  • Resolutions up to 450 dpi
  • 256 individually addressable, inline nozzles
  • Orientation independent
  • Supports solvent, UV-curable and aqueous based ink
  • Head Interface Board for serial data transmission
  • Ink reservoir, deaeration system, and fluid filter
  • Ink level sensor
  • Permits high viscosity jetting fluids
  • Temperature control