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toshiba artida 4d multipurpose ultrasound

Toshiba Artida 4D Multipurpose ultrasound

Rating: 4/5
USD 18,200.00


Toshiba Artida 4D Multipurpose ultrasound

Artida™ features Cardiac 4D imaging, which visualizes cardiac motion in real time and various cardiac analysis functions with 3D Tracking. Three-dimensional cardiac wall motion tracking enables three-dimensional observation and analysis of cardiac conditions such as ischemic cardiac diseases and asynchronous contraction. Artida™ opens up new diagnostic possibilities for ultrasound systems.

SmartCore Engine processes 4D images in real time
Artida™ employs a new system platform, SmartCore Engine. By linking 80 or more core processors (1.6 times as many as Toshiba's conventional model) via high-speed digital interfaces, it processes the large amounts of data required for 4D imaging in real time at high speed. This enables more precise imaging and more sophisticated analysis.

Newly developed broadband transducers support high image quality
The newly developed broadband transducers and three-dimensional control of the ultrasound beam shape enable sharp ultrasound transmission/reception with minimal artifacts, providing tomographic images with exceptionally high quality. Together with high-speed 4D volume data acquisition and Toshiba's exclusive 3D Tracking technology, these transducers are capable of advanced cardiac wall motion analysis.

Highly operable console provides a comfortable examination environment for the patient
Toshiba's exclusive ergonomics concept iStyle™ has advanced even further. The key layout of the Artida™ console is simple, and key assignment can be customized. This dramatically improves the efficiency of daily cardiovascular examinations. The adjustable console position, together with a 19" LCD monitor equipped with a flexible arm, significantly reduces stress on the operator during examinations.

Support for comfortable use in network environments
When combined with the ultrasound image workstation EchoAgent™, important data can be archived and reviewed, and reports can be created easily. Artida also conforms to DICOM 3.0, the global standard for medical image networking. The images acquired by the system can be transferred to an external server or viewer for reviewing, and patient information can be input from an external server.

This exclusive Toshiba concept includes a high-definition LCD monitor with flexible arm and various functions to support workflow.