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new agfa cr 30-x cr system

New Agfa CR 30-X CR System

Rating: 5/5
USD 4,900.00


New Agfa CR 30-X CR System From indoelectronic.com

Broad range of applications
CR 30-X is a highly versatile digitizer. It offers an ideal solution for any private and decentralized CR environment. CR 30-X can handle general radiology anddental applications.
Full data
The CR 30-X makes no compromises in image quality: it reads imaging plates at the high resolution of 10 pixels/mm for all image plate sizes.
With its table-top size, the CR 30-X digitizer can be placed easily at any location. It works with dedicated cassettes and was designed with ease of use in mind, for optimal handling, comfort and maintenance. When combined with the optionally available universal X-ray shielding, the CR 30-X can be used inside the X-ray room.
Low total cost of ownership
Installing the CR 30-X can be done in a single day. With the special LED technology in the erasure unit, no additional electricity is required, so standard electrical outlets are sufficient. No preliminary electrical work means a lower set-up cost and simpler installation. With its modular, component-based design, it offers faster, easier and more cost-effective maintenance.

CR 30-X is available in combination with NX, Agfa’s image identification and quality control tool, for the most efficient and optimized radiology workflow.

Cassettes with memory
CR 30-X uses dedicated cassettes with an embedded memory that stores the data entered during identification. The built-in antenna card identifies the data by no-touch radiofrequency tagging. ID data and images are linked from the beginning throughout the entire electronic processing system.




 Accepted Cassette Sizes  Spatial Resolution  Pixel Matrix Size
35 x 43 cm (14 x 17”)
24 x 30 cm
18 x 24 cm
15 x 30 cm
10 pixels / mm
10 pixels / mm
10 pixels / mm
10 pixels / mm
3480 x 4248
2328 x 2928
1728 x 2328
1440 x 2928




Digitizer type
• Single cassette feed
• Throughput:
35 x 43 cm (14 x 17”) = approx. 60 plates/hour
24 x 30 cm (9.5 x 12”) = approx. 71 plates/hour
18 x 24 cm (7 x 9.5”) = approx. 76 plates/hour
15 x 30 cm (6 x 12”) = approx. 82 plates/hour

• LED Status Indicator
• Status and error messages on external PC monitor

Greyscale resolution
• Data acquisition: 20 bits/pixel
• Output to processor: 16 bits/pixel

Dimensions and weight
• (W x D x H): 693 x 701 x 464 mm (27.2 x 27.6 x 18.2”) Depth including input tray: 769 mm (30.3”)
• Weight: approx. 98 kg (216.05 lbs)

• 220 - 240 V/50-60 Hz Standby 120W, max 320W, 16A fuse
• 120V/60Hz (USA) Standby 120W, max 320W, 15A fuse
• 100V/60Hz (Japan) Standby 120W, max 320W, 15A fuse

Minimum requirements
• CR MD 4.0T General Cassette
• CR MD 4.0 General Plate
• NX

Environmental conditions
• Temperature: 15 - 30 °C (59 - 86°F)
• Humidity: 15 - 80% RH
• Magnetic fields: max. 3.8 μT in conformance with EN 61000-4-8: level 2
• Rate of change of temperature: 0.5°C/minute (0.9°F) Environmental effects
• Noise level: max. 65 dB (A)
• Heat dissipation: standby 120 W, max. 320 W

• UL, cUL, CE

Transport details
• Temperature: -25 to +55°C (-4 to 131°F), -25°C for max. 72 hours, +55°C for max. 96 hours
• Humidity: 5 - 95% RH