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ge mac 3500 resting electrocardiograph machine1
ge mac 3500 resting electrocardiograph machine2

GE MAC 3500 Resting electrocardiograph Machine

Rating: 3/5
USD 3,500.00


GE MAC 3500 Resting electrocardiograph Machine Details

Increase productivity and improve analysis with one of the hardest-working, affordable resting ECG systems in the industry.

When you need confident ECG analysis and interpretation, count on the MAC 3500 Resting ECG System.

The MAC 3500 system is ideal for basic, 12-lead ECG analysis. With our advanced Marquette 12SL ECG Analysis Programs, the MAC 3500 delivers the technology you need to support reliable, accurate cardiac assessments.

GE Healthcare has a trusted reputation for innovation and a track record of performance. The MAC 3500 upholds that legacy—and everything it implies.

- 12-lead ECG recorder with ECG analysis
- Flexible and scalable
- Common MAC 5500 user interface
- Integrated ECG acquisition module
- Integated pump for KISS system
- Pacemaker detection and pacer spike display
- Gold standard algorithms - 12SL ECG Analysis
- CT Data guard: additional data fields and data safety features for CRO customers
- Hookup-Advisor for optimal ECG-Signals
- Internal storage of 50 ECGs, archive on SD-card
- Communication with data management via LAN or wireless network

- All cables
- 1x GE Mac 3500 EKG System
- 1x set of leadwires
- 1x Power chord
- 1x set of (10) alligator clips
- 1x pack of (100) conmed fast trace 4 electrodes
- 1x pad of Mac 3500 chart paper
- 1x Optional cart
- 1 Year Warranty