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esaote mylab guide portable ultrasound

Esaote MyLab Guide Portable Ultrasound

Rating: 5/5
USD 3,640.00


Esaote MyLab Guide Portable Ultrasound

The MyLab™ Guide is the newborn of the Esaote’s expertise in compact ultrasound systems for human applications, also available in combination with optional stands, e.g. desk and roll stands.

Specifically developed for complete vascular access procedures and precise needle tracking, it is also suitable for rheumatology, anaesthesiology, pediatrics, neonatal, small parts and intraoperative examinations.

- 5" high-resolution TFT LCD
- user-friendly interface with direct access to main functions by keys
- broadband electronic linear array (10-5 MHz 20 mm)
- B-Mode, B/B-Mode, B/M-Mode, M-Mode, B-Zoom
- up to 10 custom presets
- automatic optimization system for automatic adjustment of focus position & frequency according to depth
- wide set of measurements: distance, length, area, volume, circumference, ellipse, angle, time, speed
- VDC rechargeable battery (2,5 hours capacity)
- fast battery charger & mains supply
- additional batteries (optional)
- desk stand for use on desk & at bedside (optional)
- roll stand for portable solutions with basket (tools/materials repository) and peripherals/probe/gel additional holders (optional)
- internal image storage (up to 320 images)
- communication package to download stored images to PC (optional)
- connectivity: bi-directional infrared port & standard video out
- video output: standard video output PAL, NTSC
- compact & lightweight: 0,8 Kg (unit weight)
- unit size: 13 cm (5") x 15.5 cm (6") x 12 cm (4.7")