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esaote mylab classc multipurpose ultrasound

Esaote MyLab ClassC Multipurpose ultrasound

Rating: 5/5
USD 15,750.00


Esaote MyLab ClassC Multipurpose ultrasound

Whenever doctors think of high-level cardiovascular and general imaging ultrasound systems, they ask for up-to-date platforms, with high-performance and advanced on-board technologies as well as simplicity and ease of use. MyLab ClassC has been designed based on these key concepts in order to deliver a reliable diagnosis, and to ensure every day productivity.

Prevention and quantification are easily available with a touch: the prevention suite with RF-QIMT, RF-QAS, XStrain™, CFI advanced technologies and state-of-the-art iQ Probes allows the best clinical approach to diagnoses.

With just one glance you will understand how MyLab™ClassC‘s simplicity has never been seen before on such a high-level ultrasound scanner. The new MyLab™ClassC’s ergonomics led to a compact and agile system, easy to move and able to adapt to any kind of environment, including the most critical ones such as interventional and operating rooms.  The height-adjustable and rotating keyboard, as well as the multiplane-articulated monitor arm, allow for optimal positioning at all times.

Optimal lighting is a crucial factor for ultrasound imaging.

The latest Widescreen LCD Monitor Technology allows images to be clearly displayed under any condition. MyLab™ClassC also introduces an additional unique feature, Opti-Light, which allows the user to control the room lighting level directly from the system, through the specially designed controls located on the touch screen.

The large high-quality touch screen is well positioned near the most important working area of the control panel, allowing all mode-dependent parameters to be clearly displayed and changed with one simple touch: optimized working conditions, better users’ comfort and improved patient care.

- TEI™ - Tissue Enhancement Imaging
- CMM - Compass M-Mode
- XMM – eXtended M-Mode imaging for superior image quality
- XView - eXtreme View with real-time adaptive algorithm  
- advanced CnTI™ - Contrast Tuned Imaging for contrast media procedures
- XStrain™ - Strain-Strain Rate top analysis technique for myocardial function evaluation
- TVM - Tissue Velocity Mapping for LV motion analysis
- CFI - Coronary Flow Imaging to assess coronary artery blood flow and its main characteristics
- DIR X-Flow - extreme sensitivity and flow direction information
- AutoEF - Automatic Ejection Fraction computation
- integrated stress echo
- advanced Cardiac and Vascular packages
- MView - combined standard and steered ultrasound imaging to detect all anatomical structures
- Tp-View for enlarged field of view, specially in breast and vascular exams
- RF-QIMT & RF-QAS - Quality Intima Media Thickness for early detection of cardio-vascular diseases & Quality Arterial Stiffness for early detection of cardio-vascular diseases
- high definition CFM
- Virtual Navigator advanced tool for Fusion imaging (US & CT/MR)
- IP - Intelligent Positioning system in Virtual Navigator modality to define US target at best
- ViewFinder - accurate verification/anatomical structure evaluation during tuning phase in Virtual Navigator modality
- Virtual Biopsy to support biopsy needle path during percutaneous procedures
- 4D biopsy guidance to improve biopsy procedures reliability
- ElaXto-Elastosonography - non-invasive method to assess tissue elasticity
- X4D real-time technology for eXtended 3D-4D advanced OB/GYN imaging in volumetric scanning
- 3D-4D VRA Counting - automatic hypoechoic spherical target volume measurements & counting
- 3D Panoramic to create a 3D extended view by merging acquired volumes
- VPan - eXtended field of view
- PBI - Pure Brilliance Imaging to optimise and enhance image quality
- wide-view high image quality touch screen with mode-dependent parameters settings
- direct access to standard and advanced modalities
- flexibility of use in an easy-to-move, compact and agile system
- superior image quality with unmatched high-frequency range
- optimal lighting room level with Opti-Light advanced feature (optimized lighting)
- dedicated intelligent and intuitive interface/setting
- automatic optimization of image processing to improve the operator's comfort
- diagnosis oriented workflow: easy, fast and reliable access to diagnoses
- wireless networking for easy data sharing, storage and printing
- remote archive, review, report, back-up
- up-to-date connectivity and data management solutions (wireless, LAN, integrated database)
- Windows® and DICOM compatibility
- IHE compliance (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise)
- MyLab™Desk software package for image management solution
- up-to-date 19" widescreen high-resolution TFT LCD colour monitor
- extended bandwidth probes & new innovative ergonomic shape (Appleprobes)
- height-adjustable and rotating keyboard
- probe and ECG cable guide, dedicated sterile and customizable probe holders
- extra working space with multi-direction articulated movement
- monitor orientation and articulated arm, printer support, connectors holders, insulated power supply
- 4 swivelling wheels with single brakes