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corix 70 plus mobile x-ray

Corix 70 Plus Mobile X-ray

Rating: 5/5
USD 1,417.00


New Corix 70 Plus Mobile X-ray

Long Reach Double Positioning Arm
The long reach scissors arm moves effortlessly through a wide area, yet folds compactly when not in use. The scissors arm allows ease of positioning and drift free stability.
Standard Extension Arm (Wall Mounted version) : Standard Extension Arm provides a total inside reach of 180.6cm (71 1/8")
Corix 70 Plus-USV (optional Wall Mount, or Mobile Version) Conditions in your practice will dictate where to perform x-ray examinations.  With the Corix 70 Plus-USV you can choose the option that best fits your needs:
Wall Mount--Wall mounted directly in the x-ray room or directly in the treatment room.  Wall mount can be stationed for side-by-side operatory stations.
Standard Wall Mount provided with a 16" Wall Plate.
Single Stud Mount available at an additional cost.
Mobile Stand--mobile unit that allows reaching separate operatory stations on a sturdy and stable rolling stand.



  • Rated Line Voltage:  120V. +/- 10% (109-132VAC), 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption:  1,050KW max @ 132VAC
  • Rated Tube Potential:  70kVp +/- 7% (Single phase, self rectifying).
  • Rated Tube Current:  8mA +/- 15% @ 120VAC
  • Exposure Time Range:  0.03 to 3.00sec., in steps of 0.01sec.  Plus, 27 pre-set exposure times, with automatic main voltage compensation.  Four different Pre-heating pre-selected by the user are available for loading the x-ray tube (Pre-heating time is not shown on the display).
  • Minimum Focal Spot to Skin Distance:  200mm (8")
  • Radiation Leakage @ 1 m.  Less than 50mR/h (Technical Factors:  70kVp, 8 mA, 1s.).
  • Focal Spot: 0.8 x 0.8mm
  • Total Filtration:  2mm. Al eq.
  • Net Weight:  63lbs (Wall mount),  90lbs (Mobile)
  • Shipping Weight:  72lbs (Wall mount), 102lbs (Mobile)
  • Shipping Dimensions:  (Wall Mount) 1 Box, 131 x 52 x 26cm.  (Mobile) 2 Boxes; 111 x 34 x 25cm,  87 x 38 x 33cm