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bon speedy-i k-model autorefractor keratometer

Bon Speedy-i K-model Autorefractor keratometer

Rating: 3/5
USD 4,060.00


Bon Speedy-i K-model Autorefractor keratometer

- World's fastest and most accurate autorefractor/keratometer without pressing a button.
- 0.35 second measuring time for each reading and only 0.45 seconds per reading even when taking a peripheral keratometry reading.
- Quick mode, retro function, and fixation intensity change all ensure more accurate readings.
- Improved target for easy patient focusing, light intensity control for light sensitive patients, 2.5mm pupil diameter.
- Simultaneous refract, kerato-centre and peripheral data measurement using the tangential method measuring four peripheral points in the 25° direction concurrently, dramatically saving time.
- Contact lens curvature measurements using a dedicated contact lens holder.
- Wider reading range for both keratometry and refractometry.
- Automatic printing, wireless transfer to Bon RemoteVision auto optester, and video jack for external monitoring.

Technical details:
- Sphere and Cylinder -18D to +23D, Cylinder -12D to +12D in .25D automated steps (.12D selectable increments)
- Axis 1 to 180° in 1° steps; Radius curvature 5 to 11mm, 67.5D to 30.62D in 0.01 increments
- Corneal astigmatism 0 to 12D in 0.12D increments
- Improved Xmas tree picture target, selectable intensity; automated data select and finish, automatic printing, automatic patient detection, automatic IOL measurement; fully automatic, manual and continuous selectable measurement mode
- 2.5mm minimum pupil diameter, mire ring (18 dots) square target, outside alignment mark, up to 83mm PD measurement, 0.0 and one of 12.0, 13.5, 13.75, 15.0 16.0mm vertex distance, 380mm tabletop to eyepoint distance
- 0.01 sec refraction measurement, 0.033 sec keratometry reading, 0.35 sec refraction/keratometry reading per indication, 0.45 sec refraction/central and peripheralK reading per indication
- 5.5 inch black and white monitor, line printer (paper width 58mm), infrared wireless interface/ RS-232C selectable,100 person data storage
- Weight: 17 kg
- Dimensions (mm): W: 254 D: 480 H: 473