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alma harmony xl

Alma Harmony XL

Rating: 3/5
USD 22,400.00


Product Description

Alma Harmony XL
Model: Harmony XL
DOM: January 2011
Condition: Excellent
Shot Count: Very Low
Category: Aesthetic Lasers

Red Handpiece
Green Handpiece
Pixel Pro Handpiece
SHR Pro Cool 5
Protective Eyewear
Power Cord
Foot Pedal
System Key
Remote Interlock
Owner’s Manual
Professional Packing / Crating

Weight : 200 lbs
Manufacture Date  : 2011
Plug Type : 110 Volt

Additional Accessories :
Foot Pedal, Owner’s Manual, Power Cord, Professional Packing / Crating, Protective Eyewear, Remote Interlock, SHR Pro Cool 5, System Key
Handpieces : Green, Pixel Pro, Red