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ricoh gen5 7pl printhead
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ricoh gen5 7pl-printhead

Ricoh Gen5 / 7PL Printhead (Four Color, Long Cable)

Rating: 3.5/5
USD 1,000.00


Ricoh Gen5 / 7PL printhead (Four Color, Long Cable)
Printer compatibility: Agfa :Jeti Mira MG2716 S/HS / :Jeti Mira MG2732 S/HS / :Jeti Tauro H2500 / :Jeti Titan S / :Jeti Titan HS, Mimaki JFX500-2131 / JFX200-2513 / UJV500-160 / JV400-130SUV / JV400-160SUV, CET Color QS-250 / QS-500 / QS-1000 / QS-250h / QS-500h / QS-1000h, Docan 1212 UV / M6 / M8 / M10 / R3300 / FR3210 / FRT3116, Akad NovaJet UV M6, Handtop HT2512UV-D FR8 / HT1600UV HR4 / HT2500UV HR8 / HT3200UV HR8 / HT3200UV HG12 / HT3116UV FR8
Remarks: Original
The Total Length of this printhead is 500mm including cables. The cable is 380mm long. (Manual measurement, there may be 1cm error of physical)