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siemens acuson p300 ultrasound

Siemens ACUSON P300 Ultrasound

Rating: 5/5
USD 4,550.00


Siemens ACUSON P300 Ultrasound

The ACUSON P300 is small and sleek in design, and packed with advanced imaging technologies. The system delivers excellent image quality and workflow efficiencies enabling clinicians to make confident diagnosis with high patient throughput.

Advanced Imaging Technologies
- Advanced spatial compounding with up to 15 lines of sight – better border delineation enables small lesion detection and tissue differentiation
- Speckle reduction technology – simultaneously smoothes tissue texture and enhances edges, customizable for tissue type
- Panoramic imaging – provides extended field of view to enable display of the entire organ/structure, particularly important for obstetrics, MSK, and vascular studies
- Harmonic imaging – reduces artifact and improves detection of low contrast lesions
- 2D beam steering – improves needle visualization during interventional procedures

Efficient Workflow
- Multiple predefined and user configurable presets for each clinical specialties and transducers for simple operation
- Background multi-tasking for data processing and management enables user to continue scanning while copy/transferring data and patient files
- Customizable measurement and report packages to meet specific clinical needs
- Single button image optimization for 2D and Doppler to minimize key strokes and save time
- Sleek and mobile industry design, two transducer ports, integrated power supply, battery operable, built-in DVD/RW drive and three USB ports

- Linear, convex, phased array
- Endo-cavity
- Laparoscopic and intraoperative
- Imaging frequency range 2-18 MHz
- Linear, convex and endo-cavity transducers support disposable needle guides for interventional procedures